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Skills Based Camp

Sensory Seekers is an approved EFA (Education Freedom Account) Vendor and we can accept the Rekindling Curiosity Grant If interested learning more about or applying for the EFA, click this link:

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Sensory Seekers is now open for summer camp registrations!

Weekly Themed Sessions:

July   1 - 5 :   Inventor's Workshop (Closed on the 4th)

Inventers camp provides opportunities to build, construct, and problem solve. Campers will work with building blocks, simple machines and craft materials to create their own inventions.

July   8 - 12:   Art Camp

this camp will introduce the world of art to each camper. Campers will explore famous artists, art movements, and even try their hand at various artistic techniques including process art, painting and sculpting.

July 15 - 19:   Science Investigators

this camp is for budding scientists. campers will conduct experiments and explore the wonders of natural world. From building erupting volcanoes to launching rockets. This camp will ignite the flames or curiosity and instill a passion for scientific discovery.

July 22 - 26:   Ooey Gooey Sensory Play Camp

This camp will offer a varied sensory tactile experience for each camper. We will not only make different slimes and doughs but add an element of fun to making things look like worms or stepping into a bucket of goo. This camp is perfect for the camper who craves or resists sensory input and can be modified to meet the needs of every camper sensory processing needs.

July 29 -Aug 2:   Pirate Ocean Adventure

this camp will bring campers closer to the wonders of the ocean and all amazing animals that call it home. Through stories, crafts, and virtual technology, campers will learn about different sea animals, habitats and conservation efforts.

Aug 5 - 9:   Mission Impossible 

campers will have a mission each day to full fill. These missions will require teamwork, problem solving skills, and promote a sense of adventure. Campers will feel empowered to conquer challenges they are faced with and will get to celebrate each mission that they conquer.

Aug 12 - 16: Camp Olympics

we will conduct a variety of Olympic themed fitness games and challenges.

Aug 19 - 23:   Space Week

campers will explore the wonders of outer space. By conducting experiments, doing art projects, learning about the stars and planets.

The cost of summer camp is $125.00 per week per student. The hours are 8:30am - 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.

A $50.00 non-refundable registration fee will be charged to reserve your child's spot in camp. *The registration fee is not included in the total price for the week.

For More information Email

For more information or questions about enrollment in our Learning Center programs, please email us!
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