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General Pricing & Membership Info.

If you have more than one child, we do not begin charging for the second child until they are 12 months old. This ONLY applies to families with more than one child.


Save BIG with an unlimited membership! Billed monthly with a 3-month minimum commitment. Must purchase in person or over the phone.

1 Child            *$45 / month

2 Children      *$55/ month

3+ Children    *$65/ month    (Family)

Drop-In Rates

Drop-ins are welcome but we highly 

recommend calling ahead or booking online to reserve your time slot as we have a limited amount available each day.

1 Hour Play           $12 per Child

2 Hour Play           $18 per Child

Gift Cards

To purchase a gift card, please click on the button below!

How to Book

Please reserve online or give us a call to book your play time! 




Basic Membership FAQ's

As a small business, we sincerely appreciate and value your support! We would love to have you as part of our growing member community here at Sensory Seekers. Outlined below, we have answered a few of the most common questions we receive regarding our memberships. We hope this information helps make your experience with us as easy and enjoyable as possible!

When does my membership begin?


All memberships begin on the day you sign up for them either online, over the phone or in person.

When will I be billed?


You will be billed monthly on (or very close to) the same day each month. If your membership began on October 5th, your next auto charge will be on (or very close to) November 4th.

What does my membership include?


In addition to saving you money each month, your Sensory Seekers membership also includes unlimited use of the gym during our open hours, access to our weekly classes and special events, and also a discounted rate for booking parties or special events with us. We do still highly recommend booking your gym time in advance, even if you are a member, since we have a limited number of spaces each day for safety reasons.

Who can be on my membership?


Only children in your immediate family may be included on your membership. Exceptions to this policy are grandparents (who may have their grandchildren) or legal guardians.

When does my membership end?


Technically... it doesn't. Let us explain! As you know, we require either a 3 month or 6 month commitment for all of our membership options. The reason we are able to offer our memberships to you at such great prices is because of the commitment to this specific time frame made by you up front. That commitment is the minimum amount of time you choose to have an active account with us. Once that time frame is up, you have the option to either continue with your membership (which does not require anything on your end - you will simply continue to be billed monthly at the same rate) or you may choose to cancel your membership. Please note your membership does not end until you actively cancel it with us.

I noticed your prices have increased recently... will this affect my current membership?


On October 3rd 2022, our new pricing structure went into effect. These price increases regarding memberships will only apply to new memberships established after October 3rd, 2022. If you have a membership with us that was established prior to October 3rd, your rate will not increase. However, if you choose to cancel your membership and sign up again at a later date, you will then be billed at the new rate.

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